Shaping the future of the Island

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By Gino Wooldridge,
Graduate Trainee,
Isle of Wight Council.

I have just turned 27 and have always been an Islander, I attended Northwood Primary, Somerton Middle and Cowes High School. After my education on the Island, which focussed on a technical and logical curriculum including ICT and business studies, I went to the University of Southampton to further my interest and skills with a degree in Management (BSc).

Since joining the Isle of Wight Council I have been able to continue my education again, gaining many highly recognised qualifications such as PRINCE2 and Better Business Cases, which I am currently implementing to help me produce a better standard of work. I have also attended two seminars in London to help give me the tools needed to better understand this complex and diverse subject. Having this investment in my career has really helped me to hone my abilities and apply myself to the challenges ahead. I will also soon be undertaking an apprenticeship in project management to help bolster my knowledge and skills at work.

As I am closing in on my second month of working for the council I have started to settle in and get to know the teams around me. Everyone I’ve met has been really professional, skilled and encouraging. I feel confident and supported in my role as I always have the assurance that I can ask for guidance or support if I need it.

I have now started to get my teeth into my first project; researching the delivery of a housing company which could help to facilitate the councils ambition to start developments of residential property for a range of local needs. I have been given thorough autonomy over my role and am enjoying the freedom to create an interesting solution. In the undertaking of my current project I have read countless articles, journals, news reports and am finishing a detailed spreadsheet of councils in a similar position as us to help identify the best direction for our council to move forward in.

It’s early in the process, but very exciting to think that I will be instrumental in shaping the future of the Island and doing something proactive for our community.