Planning applications now in at Ryde Nicholson Road

Thanks to everybody who has been involved in the long public consultation about the proposed new industrial area at Rydes Nicholson Road. We have at last got to the next stage in the proposals, and the first planning applications are now submitted which means you can see the plans and comment on them.

There are two applications – one is an outline application that gives the overall design and layout of the site, and the other gives detail of the infrastructure that is proposed.

Outline application 19/00922/OUT

This is the application that sets out the general way the site will work and the sort of thing that will be on it. It includes a lot of information that has been considered when making the application which includes wildlife and habitats, drainage and flood risk, soil conditions, landscaping, design and access.

Because this is an outline application there will be more applications in the future to decide the detailed proposals.

Infrastructure application 19/00921/FUL

This is the application that sets out the details of the highways junctions and works, as well as other matters such as drainage, services and lighting.

This is a full application not outline).

To comment on either of the applications, or just look at the plans, go to the planning portal and search under the reference numbers above, or just by the keyword Nicholson Road.