Being a Trainee Project Manager

By Amy Stubbs, trainee project manager, Isle of Wight Council.

Born at St. Mary’s Hospital in 2000, I have lived on the Isle of Wight all my life. I went to Godshill Primary School and then Christ the King College, where I stayed for both my GCSEs and A-Levels. Throughout my education, I struggled and stressed a lot about what my future looked like. I was surrounded by friends who knew exactly what they wanted to do, and I had no idea. To add to this, living at home with two older sisters who also had their futures planned out, only increased the pressure I was feeling.

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Riding the tide of opportunity

Rangefinder House, Cowes
Aaron Wheeldon, Graduate Trainee,
Isle of Wight Council

By Aaron Wheeldon, Graduate Trainee, 
Isle of Wight Council.

I was born and raised on this island twenty-one years ago, having attended Somerton Middle and Cowes High School in a bygone era of education. I continued at Cowes as it transitioned into the current Cowes Enterprise College where I studied my A-Levels and became particularly interested in dystopian literature. Eventually, as a result of this growing interest in politics, I chose to study International Relations at the University of Southampton. I graduated with a Bachelor of Science three years later and it came time to pursue a career in the busy (and incredibly competitive) graduate market. I never saw my future on the island – throughout my childhood, it never struck me as an environment for opportunity. However, here I am, as the tide of opportunity turns for the island.

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Shaping the future of the Island

Isle of Wight Council Logo

By Gino Wooldridge,
Graduate Trainee,
Isle of Wight Council.

I have just turned 27 and have always been an Islander, I attended Northwood Primary, Somerton Middle and Cowes High School. After my education on the Island, which focussed on a technical and logical curriculum including ICT and business studies, I went to the University of Southampton to further my interest and skills with a degree in Management (BSc).

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