Recovery plan: Appendix 2, Key performance indicators

Isle of Wight COVID-19 Recovery plan: contents

Key performance indicators

  • Community

Infection rate


— Community wellbeing survey responses

  • Economic

Create a skills system responsive to changing employer demand

— % of working age residents with NVQ Level1 or below

— Reduction in employer skills shortages in health and care; digital and creative; customer care and low carbon construction sectors

Support our residents into appropriate employment pathways

— % of 16-17 year olds participating in education and training

— Employment rate 16-64

— Employment rate 16-64 by disabled residents

— Reduction in unemployment rate for 50+

Enable our residents to unlock their potential through upskilling, reskilling, training provision and apprenticeships

— Apprenticeships total starts

— Reduction in unemployment rate for 18-24-year olds

Support our existing and new businesses to survive in the short term and to adapt and thrive in the new post-COVID economy

— Workplace based GDP per head at current prices

— Private sector SMEs (0-249 employees) per 1000

— % of industries in the retail, accommodation and food service and health sectors

— % growth in the Information and Communication Sector

Encourage our businesses to be inclusive and resilient, by tackling low pay, in-work poverty and to reduce their carbon emissions

— Median gross weekly pay for full-time workers

(workplace based)

— Reduction in jobs paying less than Living Wage

— % of residents paid the LW or higher

Work with our anchor institutions and major employers to utilise our supply chains and increase spend with local businesses

— % of IOW Council procurement spend on SMEs

— % of IOW Council procurement spend on third sector organisations

— % of IOW Council procurement spend on local organisations

  • Place

Increase the supply and accessibility of homes of all tenures across the Island, and the supply of workspace that responds to changing needs

— Affordable workspace created as a result of Council initiatives

— Amount of commercial floorspace on the Island

— Ratio of median house price to median workplace based earnings

— Number of new affordable housing units delivered

Improve physical and digital connectivity in and between all of our settlements and the rest of the world

— % of premises with download speed of 30MBits/s from fixed broadband

— % of premises with full fibre availability from fixed broadband

Achieve sustainable, welcoming places with inclusive public realm improvements in our towns that are accessible for all

— % of residents who feel their town centre is welcoming

— % of residents who feel safe from crime when walking in their local area (day/evening)

— % of new lodgements with an energy efficiency rating of A or B

— % of new lodgements with an environmental impact rating of A or B

— Community cohesion – extent to which residents agree their local area is a place where people from different backgrounds get on well together — Extent to which residents are satisfied with their local area as a place to live