Recovery plan: building back better

What do we need to do to recover and build back better?

Each pillar of recovery – Community, Economy and Place sets out a range of proposed actions to help address evidenced impacts and help the Island recover.  Building back better commits us to take account of what we have learnt during the response and revisiting the new and long identified challenges we face with a renewed vigour.  An imbalance in the age profile of our population and the additional cost that presents, lower than average business productivity and wage levels, an acute need for affordable housing and an aging physical infrastructure further compounded by the costs of getting to and from the Island.  These challenges are known and continue to inform corporate planning and priorities pre and post pandemic.  The pandemic has shone a light on the issues and opportunities underpinning these challenges as expressed by people’s individual trauma and search for a restored, purposeful future existence.  Delivering the recovery actions and the sustained collaborative environment that enables them will be the key measure of success for our collective recovery.

Isle of Wight COVID-19 Recovery plan: contents

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