Recovering together

The collaboration and collective will that characterised the Isle of Wight’s response to the pandemic needs to continue in planning and delivering Island Recovery.  Recovery will continue to be a key concern for everyone on a personal, family and organisational level.  Partnership working in this context between the public sector and with the private and community and voluntary sector has never been more important.

The Island Health and Well Being Board is best placed to adopt a “Island recovery task force” role to provide the strategic coordination and leadership to enable successful recovery.  Supplementing its membership with the chair of the Island Economic board will ensure progress on economic recovery complements progress on community and place recovery.

A broader Island stakeholder forum will enable regular engagement with a wider cross section of interests in making progress on recovery.

Specific actions will necessity cross department, cross organisational and cross sector project groups informing and aligning with individual organisations key priorities, human and financial resources.

Isle of Wight COVID-19 Recovery plan: contents