Resourcing and measuring recovery

As stated above the financing of recovery actions will be challenging in an environment that placed increased pressure on core budgets due to the effects of the pandemic.

Central government funding to mitigate the worst effects of the pandemic has not been sufficient to cover an anticipated shortfall in addressing these pressures.

Any action linked to recovery therefore needs to draw on either existing planned resources linked to that action, any calls for funding bids linked to the relevant topic issued by government, lottery etc or additional partnership pooled resources.

At the end of 2019 an economic profile for the Island was completed and provides useful benchmark against which to measure our progress, in addition to this a set of wellbeing measures drawn from periodic survey results of a representative citizens panel will be developed.  Crucially, testing our continued commitment and ability to work collaboratively will be important, using measures identified in established frameworks such as the “Building Back Better” framework.

Isle of Wight COVID-19 Recovery plan: contents