Ryde Nicholson Road

Nicholson Road is land right next to the existing Ryde Business Park. This land is owned by the council and is bordered by the Business Park to the north, Great Preston Road to the east, Smallbrook Lane to the south and the railway line to the west.

The council is working to use this land to regenerate jobs and businesses in Ryde.

More information

  • See below and zoom in to see the full detail of the display launched at the public consultation event on 4 October 2018

Nicholson Road, Ryde, concept drawing
Image: concept design for illustrative purposes only


Expand the capacity of the adjacent Ryde Business Park

Site allocated primarily for employment use, providing industrial and office space to meet business growth requirements on the Island.

Owner: Single ownership, Isle of Wight Council

Site size: 150,692 sqm

Planning status: Local Plan site allocation

Site description:

The area has been allocated by the council for a mixed-use development, with an emphasis on employment usage. Enabling (residential/retail) development will be considered to make the delivery of employment floor space viable.

The site requires investment in basic infrastructure such as roads and utility connections to unlock its development. Mitigation measures and improvements to existing hedgerows and footpaths may be required.