The Wight we want

The Isle of Wight Council has started a major regeneration programme to help create more jobs, better housing and an even better quality of life for all residents of the Isle of Wight. In order to help inform the priorities for regeneration across the Island we have been having an Island conversation, “The Wight We Want”.  We invited Islanders to complete a survey over the summer and over November, held a series of workshops across the Island to reflect back the results of the survey and further understand what makes parts of the Island more or less successful.

The summary results of this survey will be published in January 2018 and will help confirm the specific needs of communities in different parts of the Island. This will then be reflected in the development of a ‘Regeneration strategy for the Isle of Wight’, to be published in Spring 2018.

These conversations held at the five area workshops will help us to understand more about what our residents want to see in place for future generations of the Island over the next 10 years and beyond. The results from these surveys are available to download and read Area Workshop feedback analysis (PDF 28 Pages, 7mb).

Join us at the next series of workshops to help shape how we might deal with some of your local issues. The next Wight we Want workshops are being held in January and February 2018.

We are also setting up a ‘Residents Panel’ to both continue this conversation and to engage our community in future research and consultation. If you would like to be involved please email us on with ‘Residents Panel’ in the title.