Wight Gift Card

The Island’s dedicated gift card

The Wight Gift Card is a gift card programme that champions buying local. WightFibre are the main sponsor and they are delighted to join forces with the Isle of Wight Council to support local businesses and help Islanders keep their spend on the Island.

The card works like a local currency, with each gift card a pre-paid Mastercard that can be redeemed at registered businesses on the Isle of Wight, both in-store and online.

Registered businesses are listed and mapped on wightgiftcard.co.uk which customers can explore and purchase a card value up to £500.

Why should my business join the Wight Gift Card programme?

  • Consumers spend more – on average 65% more than the value of the gift card
  • Recognised gift card scheme active in over 60 town and cities around the UK and Ireland
  • Join over 100 local businesses and outlets across the Island
  • Sell in person or online
  • Champion the idea of buying local and increase sales for Island businesses
  • No training or software required – simply swipe card or process a card-not-present transaction
  • Receive full payment value – the only charge is the standard rate for Mastercard debit card

How much does it cost?

The cost of an annual subscription to the programme is only £6, however some free places are still available for eligible businesses.


Wight Gift Card FAQ for merchants

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