The Isle of Wight Digital Island Strategy 2019

Digital technology presents major benefits for island communities, allowing them to be connected in a way that has not previously been possible. The Isle of Wight Council recognised the opportunity presented by digital technology and since 2017 has been developing the Digital Island programme and Digital Strategy that sets out the strategic way forward for the island to realise the opportunity digital technology presents for businesses and communities alike.

A Digital Island

The rationale behind the development of the Digital Island is to identify the opportunities where digital technology can be used to enable solutions to regional challenges. Essentially, this is:

  • Supporting delivery of existing plans and policies (economic growth, regeneration, carbon, environment, tourism)
  • Supporting digital transformation of council services
  • Enabling economic growth through digital technology, identifying priority economic areas for growth
  • Identifying key skills required for individuals and businesses to engage with the digital agenda and benefit from the opportunities to grow
  • Building the island’s Sense of Place and overcoming the feeling of ‘dislocation’

The Digital Island Vision

Shaped by island stakeholders and based on core principles and objectives that reflect the nature of the Isle of Wight, the shared vision for the Digital Island is:

To be the world’s smartest, most connected island

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